Wes Back.
Wes Chest.
Wes Eyes Closed.
Wes Closeup.
Wes Profile.
Wes Backstretch.

Wes is a strange dude.  Known him a long time.  Love the son of a bitch, had a camera and a studio for a day and called him up.  He pulled up around back on his bike and we went in.  Got some shots, he brought a wrestling singlet, clown mask, shoes among other things.  Didn't use any of that.  He was down for anything so I told him to take his shirt off and swirled around him a little bit. Lots of good ones here I think . Wes used the profile shot there for his MF Goon mixtape cover.  Check him out by clcking this link:


Sydney Overlooking the Estate
Running past the Greenhouse
Somewhere in Warnitz
Sydney on the stairs
An Audience below
Sydney LaFaire
It's a wedding.
With a colander and some wires

This series of images is an ongoing collaboration between myself and Sydney LaFaire.  We both share a passion for storytelling and try to create our own through photography and film.


“Because one can see the shell, but not the kernal…do you not understand? The name is only the outer shell and I am this shell. I am the veil. The face underneath is hers.”                                                                                                                  -Nizami, Layla and Majnun


If you are inspired by these photos See more of Sydney's work:


Watch Pose.
Sideline Stare.
In it.
Down the stairs.

Gavin is along time friend of mine and takes a damn good photo.  We put him in a suit and found him some locations to compliment the clean look he had going on.  It was a Florida type of day so we were sweating our asses off.  I tamed his sweat a bit with something and kept snapping.  A short shoot but I think we got something here.

Familiar Faces

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