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     "At Dinner" is a film I cut over the New Year.  Sydney Lafaire and I collaborated on the story and we shot it in one night in a stream of conciousness.  No budget, no crew.  


     It's silent.  The film is paced slowly.  the actions are subtle. Sydney and I both knew this lonely woman we were trying to portray.  I flipped on a scene from Chantal Akerman's Jeanne Dielman and we watched Delphie Seyrig peel potatos for four minutes.  We started working immediately after and didn't stop until we had that good feeling about it all.

     The music adds mood to the piece as well.  Tense strings crawling up and down their scales. I think it's quite beautiful.  

It's currently in the film Festival circuit.

"You Know" is a short music video I cut over the New Year.  YoungStep, the band featured, is made up of some of the best people in St. Augustine, Fl.  Good People. Good Music. Check it out.

“Grey Matter” appeared in the 2014 St. Augustine Film Festival.

“Separate” has appeared in: 

the 2014 Rutger’s Super 8mm Film & Digital Festival

the 2014 St. Augustine Film Festival

The 2013 Brouhaha Festival in Orlando.

“The Traveler” appeared in the 2014 St. Augustine Film Festival.

     A fellow part-time waiter I worked with caught wind of me looking for a story to do. She said outside of work she was a Marine Archeologist and was in the process of uncovering a sunken ship from the Revolutionary war. L.A.M.P. the organization of archeologist uncovering the mystery, named the site "Stormwreck" because the title of the ship is still unknown. This is my documentation and essay on their process.

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