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     Local Honey is two things: A collaborative album featuring fifteen gifted musicians,  AND a documentary film capturing the making of the album.


     The way I got into it was at a bar where I ran into Amy Hendrickson (Producer).  She gave word to me that Eric Hood (Director) and herself were in the beginning phases of a project involving many local musicians from the St. Augustine area.  Amy and I were already buds and many of the musicians were my friends, folks I genuinely admired, so I said sure.


     My role in the project was that of the Director of Photography.  It was a dream job, really.  We spent five days in a rentable plantation house, The Rodman Plantation, in Palatka, FL, filming and making music.  It was 

remarkable how seamless everybody's work ethic was that week.  The mood was somewhere between intesive focus and gentle congeniality. 


     now we are in the distribution and festival stage of the project.  done with the double disc.  The cover you see below is compilation that includes both the documentary and the 15 track album produced by each musician.


     For more info on the project, music and film visit the website via the link below.




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